I deal in conversations. Conversations about you, your leadership, your life and what you want. 



Whether it's one on one, small groups, families or small businesses, I'm here to find a personal and tailored way to help you shift, change and grow. We'll work together to get you in touch with what you want to experience in life, love, leadership and beyond, and get into action to bring those changes to life. 

In person or on the phone, the conversations are the catalyst for seeing change happen. You might not know right now, but landing on it can happen in a simple moment. 

How the work gets done:

customized personal development - through conversation, we determine where you want to spend time and i create and guide you through an individualized experience to get you where you want to be.

legacy creation – create goals from gaining clarity around your life’s purpose and the impact you want to leave on the world.

leadership + organizational development – creative conversations with small businesses in leadership development and organizational design related to leadership; integrating a culture of inspired leaders throughout companies.

the core of your goals - take a look at your goals with a new perspective. we will spend time identifying your core values and use them to create both long and short term goals to ensure you are living through your core values every day. 

mini session | core values - goals - legacy -  i am offering up 20 limited edition mini sessions. $100 gets you a private 90 minute session to dive into your choice of core values, goals, or legacy. 100% of proceeds will go toward expenses for my upcoming trip to Ethiopia, where I will work with Lightyear Leadership and imagine1day to bring leadership practices to the educational system in Ethiopia.

Sessions are available in-person, over phone, or via zoom. (must be redeemed by June 1, 2017)




Get curious about how we can get into the work together.