leadership + organizational development 

creative conversations with small businesses in leadership development and organizational design related to leadership; integrating a culture of inspired leaders throughout companies.

"Having Molly coach our team has not only been impactful, inspiring and transformative - but long last lasting. We got to work with Molly over a year ago and since then, we continue to see the legs that her coaching gave us - both as individuals and as a team. We look at our goals + visions + intentions in a way we never have before. She communicates in such a relatable way that resonated so well with our team as we faced some significant decisions. If you want to up your leadership game, grow as a person, be a better partner - that all happens when you're coached by Molly." - Katie Jasper Co-Founder Prescribe Nutrition


from the way we frame up our requests to the expectations we set, communication is an integral element to effective leadership. we will create expectations and establish your communication standards to elevate your team productivity.

leading your people

keeping your people engaged and challenged, while executing job expectations can be a lot to manage, especially if you haven’t had the training to do so! we will work together to level set your leadership skills and develop a plan for ongoing leadership development.

"Molly’s ability to work with our team and coach them up to better managers has been the biggest impact.  She has the ability to cut through the noise and point on a few key things for each manager that truly helped them as individuals." - Mark Lenss  SVP Managing Director, Marketing Lab

development planning and performance management

clear communication is essential when planning growth and development for your people. we will create customized development plans for your performing employees and effective performance management plans for your under-performing employees.

organizational core values

core values are central to how an organization shows up in the marketplace. we will create a set of authentic core values and examine how those values show up in the office space and in the world. already have your core values established? we take it to the next level, developing measurable ways to make sure your core values are alive and notable