legacy creation


through conversation about how you choose to move into the future as your best self, you will let go of that which does not serve you and move forward with clear direction and purpose.

"Working with Molly has lead me to be more self-lead in my life. Her coaching has shifted my questioning from "can I do this?" to "what are the next steps to make this happen?". Molly's coaching is essential, positive, and empowering and has shifted the way I talk to myself, and thus the way I interact with the world. She has demystified the possible future by supporting me in creating solid goals and steps to achieve them." - Caroline Clifford founder Powerhouse Project


the core of your goals

take a look at your goals with a new perspective. we will spend time identifying your core values and use them to create both long and short term goals to ensure you are living through your core values every day.

vision and goals


creating a long-term vision for your life and creating your plan (people like to call them goals) to get there, we will get you not only thinking big about the future, you will have measurable ways you can start moving forward today.

response and choice based living


we will create effective ways to get to a place of choice-based living by becoming aware of when you are reacting to a situation vs. responding. you will leave being able to identify when you are living from what you don’t want vs. what you do want and the impact that has on how you show up in the world.