... because when I discovered that it doesn’t have to be hard, life began to work and the impact I can make became clear. I want nothing more than to share that with the world...



I’m all about joy, connection + love.

A Minnesota girl by birth and a California girl by heart, I have an undying sense of adventure that draws me out from behind my laptop and onto the water; a paddleboard being my preferred mode of transportation. I have an affliction for a good book (real, with pages - preferred), best find my center getting bendy on my yoga mat and feel the most complete and full when laughing or loud car singing. My love for connection draws me to collaborations of all kinds in the community.

I’m a mother, coach, learner, and passionate advocate for creating an exceptional future for the generations that will follow us. I’ve got a vision for that future being a time when our educational system is created to educate the body, mind, and spirit of our planet.