I am good

An interesting thing has been happening lately. People ask me all of the time if I am ok, how I am doing, telling me they are “worried about me”. This is happening as a result of me sharing really real emotions and experiences I have been processing. 


I have never been one to mask emotions or pretend something is what it isn’t; this is exactly how I show up on social media too. When things feel heavy, I share, and when things are amazing, I share that too. And as with anything in our primal brains, we need around 7 positives to outweigh the negative. I should not be surprised that people are hearing the sad and the scared over the good, yet I am. I am good.


My life is blessed. I have a beautiful home, wonderful people in my life, my health, and a job I love. I can care for myself and my child. And yes, there are some days I cry a lot of tears. This year has been a lot. A lot of unbelievably amazing things, and a lot of heart-breaking sad things. I’m guessing this is the case for a lot of people, yet most likely aren’t as free with sharing this span of emotions as I am and that is ok.


I want people to know that I will ALWAYS be honest and open with my life and the mess is can be at times. And more than anything, I want you all to know, I AM GOOD.