Full Contact

I have always thought I live full-on. In fact, there are those in my life who would probably like to see me dial it back a bit.

I have lived this way for a long time. Some have referred to it as my “Dickie Greenleaf” quality. “The thing with Dickie... it's like the sun shines on you, and it's glorious.” When I am in something I am 100% in. I go in full contact. Sounds lovely right? Feeling all of the feelings in really big ways, taking risks, loving my life.

The thing about living this way is, there is a flip side. Sometimes I get hurt or have a let-down. I feel the sad just as big as I feel the joy and I have decided that is ok. I wouldn’t trade any of the feelings. I have spent portions of my life living in a safe space, and no part of that feels authentic to me. From the inside, like my heart and soul, living full-on means that I can confidently go in whole-heart because I am aligned with the best part of me. My highest self lives big. Always has.

When I let fear and doubt in, that is when I start to play safe and live small. I second guess myself and my choices, I avoid things I would otherwise jump into whole heart. It keeps me from experiencing all of the things that are meant for me in my life.

Living full-on isn’t always a visible trait. It doesn’t always look like traveling to interesting places, or starting a new business, or jumping out of an airplane (pretty sure I will never do that). Sometimes full-contact living is how open you allow your heart to be or how willing you are to take a risk and put yourself out there. Sometimes it is sitting alone and allowing your surroundings to permeate your senses or allowing a song to move you to tears.

A song I like to listen to, which reminds me to choose full-contact living is “Whole Heart” by Gryffin.

Begin today. Find spaces where you can go all in. Little by little you will find yourself being “in it” more often. And once you are all in, living a full-contact life, it will become obvious to you when you are playing safe. Now go, enjoy!