You may have heard me talk about the reality that 99% = 0. And that only 100 = 100. This way of looking at wholeness and integrity continues to show up for me in so many ways. There have been times I have written about honoring my true self, this applies. I have written about doing what I know to do, this applies. About knowing my “yes” from my “no”, this applies. You get what I am saying here. . .

Today, I want to get totally basic about this concept. Mainly because I had such a literal experience of how living in the 99 can impact me, that I feel the need to share.  

My teacher talks about the concept of the “hole in the pocket”. Those things that we need to address, which we don’t, that continue to cause us to lose things. I have always “gotten” the concept, and recently I had an experience that illustrated it so clearly.

I walk every morning, for an hour, sometimes more. It is how I clear my head for the day, often times these blogs come to me during my walks. The other morning I put on my shoes and took a few steps. There was something in my shoe that was poking me. It wasn’t large, so I could shake my shoe and move it to a less annoying place. This worked for a while, then it would make its way back to a spot that was really irritating. I would shake my shoe again and keep walking. Get where I am going with this? Finally, I stopped, took off my shoe, and removed the tiny pebble.

There could not be a more clear illustration for what it is like to leave things unaddressed in life. I’m not talking about the BIG things, although it applies there too. I am talking about those little nagging things, the things you can shake a little bit and deal with.

Let me give you an example. I had this “thing” on my face. It was small and looked like a red spot that never quite healed. For a year it would get better and then worse. Each time it started to get better I thought, “see, I don’t need to address this”. Then I remembered a spot my mother had on her nose. Same thing. Only she let it go too long and had to have a chunk of her nose cut off. She kept putting it off because she didn’t want to deal with the possible outcomes. So I went in. It was a group of pre-cancerous cells that were easily frozen off. I had an annoying scab for a few days, and now it is almost totally gone a few weeks later. Had I waited longer, I too could have needed a chunk of my face carved off.

Such a simple solution, yet the longer I would have kept shaking the pebble around, the more drastic the impact would have been.

So today I ask you to take a look at the pebbles in your shoes. Make a list. What do you need to take care of RIGHT NOW? Do it. I promise, your walk will be much more enjoyable.