I have always loved the quote from Moulin Rouge, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return”. And I think I missed the point.

I have many people in my life that love me in really sincere and big ways. I have thought something was wrong with me because it hasn’t been enough. I haven’t been filled up, I keep searching for that love that is going to be enough for me. I have had the misconception that the issue for me was that I did not allow love in.

What is becoming more and more apparent to me as I move through this journey of “figuring things out” is that my ability to FEEL love, like REALLY feel it, is directly related to the love I am putting out.

The concept of exchanges of energy have always fascinated me, from “The Celestine Prophecy” to healing meditation practices, I know there is a way we give and receive energy from others and our world. Knowing this, I also know there is a way we can deplete our sources.

Over the years, I am certain I have allowed myself to consume (yes consume, sounds harsh right?) love without returning it. What it has done has not only depleted the person I have taken from, it has left me just as empty. And when that source gets depleted, we are left tired. Like actually mentally and physical exhausted. We need the EXCHANGE, it needs to be a two way flow.

So what is to be done? Honestly, I don’t know. Super helpful right? My plan is to let myself feel love TOWARD others where I feel it. And I also plan to notice where the energy exchange is one way, whether it is coming from me or to me, because this is not good for anyone.

All of that said, I do believe in giving love to the world without expecting anything in return. That is not what I’m talking about here. This isn’t about loving with expectation. This is about making sure we are filled up so we can give back. Make sense?

I know I have it, the capacity to love big, to have it radiate out of my being. I’m pretty sure when I allow this, the ability to love myself will come right along with it, but that is another post for another day.

I’ll leave you with a little wisdom from the Bellamy Brothers, because it is only appropriate:

“Just let your love flow, like a mountain stream. And let your love grow, with the smallest of dreams. And let your love show, and you’ll know what I mean.”