I am a person of action. When I want something I go for it, as anyone who knows me can tell you. I am always in the practice of reviewing my vision and goals and making sure I am in action around them.

This past week I began to experience something I can only describe as mini-panic attacks. I literally felt as though I was going to explode out of my own skin. I went into a complete analysis of all of my options; what could and could not happen in my life, what is possible, what is not. . .  you get the picture. Guess what? That made it so much worse.

I am blessed to have many wonderful teachers and guides in my life, and my good friend Tracy knew it was time for me to breathe. I took the time to breathe with her (if you haven’t tried breath work, you should) and my entire body slowed down. I got a message loud and clear, HEART not BRAIN.

I know this. I know to lead from my heart and listen to my heart. I had forgotten and was trying to use my brain to figure everything out and my body was rebelling.

Here is what I remembered: If I do not have clarity, sit still. There is no need to act out of panic and a foggy brain. I can be still. And when I am clear and fully in my body and out of my head, I will know what to do.

Personally, I have a bit of an addiction to action. I am always on to the next thing, making my life bigger. I am actually good with that, I like a big life.

What I remember today is that I choose an intentional life as well. I get to choose what my big life looks like. And I choose it when I have clarity in my heart.