It is that time of year when I start clicking on the automatic generators, you know the ones, “top 9 moments” and “word of the year”. I was excited to see my results (which can take up to 10 min, because everyone else wants to see the best of their year as well) and when it appeared, I was disappointed. None of them. None of them were the moments of 2017 that meant the most to me. Delete, delete, delete.

It occurred to me that this was the way I had been doing 2017. I was letting my life auto-generate in so many areas. Don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of my choices, and the fact that I have choice in every moment. What was happening was, when I was getting a clear internal “NO!”, I was over-riding and letting it be an “okay”.

There are things that are a NO for me, that I do not intend to carry over into the new year. They are things that keep me up at night and I wake up stressed about in the morning. They do not serve me in productive ways. I love challenges, it is not about making things “easy”. It is about making sure the challenges I accept are the ones that I am a YES for. This means I am going to let people down. It means that some people may not want to stand with me or for me. And it is time to get into integrity with myself.

In order to allow myself to be clear on my YESs, I will need to generate a list of my NOs. I am going to need some cheerleaders when it comes to keeping my NO. I have been quick to back down and over-ride on these things, because it is going to require a bit of clean-up on my end. And I am committed to these choices, some of which are already in motion.

Heading into 2018, I am going to share with you all of my “Top 9” YES moments of 2017. Completely self-generated.

-          Stepping into Moment Leadership Coaching as my sole source of income

-          Spending time in Malibu with family and friends

-          Experiencing my first trip to Ethiopia

-          Enjoying safari in Tanzania with good friends

-          Spending a good portion of the summer poolside with Henry and my friends

-          Taking a selfie with Donnie Wahlberg

-          Seeing Hamilton in Chicago with Henry

-          Front row with Jeff for U2

-          Watching Henry in his first performance for the Timberwolves

I encourage you all to spend a few moments generating your own list of YES moments this past year. And making sure you head into 2018 with a clear NO.

Here is to 2018, the year of clear YES!