Attachment, preference, …., no matter how you spin it, we all experience these things as humans. In a time when vision boards, goal setting, and time blocking are all the rage, it can seem counter intuitive to talk about letting go of how things play out. I’m going to let you in on a little secret . . . these goals? they have space to expand when we aren’t attached to the way they happen.

I have been working with the space of possibility for years now. I began small, recognizing that when I was “choosing” between two things, it wasn’t really a choice. Being in a true space of possibility allows for many paths, many options. And more recently, I have realized the power in letting go of attachments, living in full expression. This doesn’t mean I don’t have preferences or become attached to ideas or things. What this means is I am aware and I don’t let them keep me from taking action or seeing possibility.  I am constantly in the practice of recognizing and releasing my attachments. I am always observing my preferences and allowing myself to see the other possibilities. Enough theory, let me give you an example.

In my marriage, we are bringing our requests to the table to make sure that we are both getting what need in our relationship. For a long time I have been very attached to the outcome of this conversation, and it had me hold back things I needed to say and requests I wanted to make. I was frozen in a thought spiral of trying to figure out how to get what I wanted! When I was able to fully express my preferences, without attachment to the outcome, I found I was more honest and able to move forward.

Attachments sneak up on us, they come back over and over. This is a constant practice we are in, to recognize and release. Observe these preferences with generosity, no need to make ourselves feel bad for a natural human emotion. Observe, release, and live freely in possibility.