Recently someone wished me luck with my soul searching and for some reason it really made me pause. In the past I would have been all over this idea of finding myself. Today though, I realize that I already know my soul. I know who I am at my core, that bright light, that pure connection.

What exactly am I “searching” for here?

It is not a searching, it is a re-connecting. The image of vacuuming without the cord plugged in was given to me this weekend. I sometimes do all the work without my source of power! When I have that connection, that point of excellence, I know exactly who I am. There is no room for the fear, judgement, and doubt when I am full of love, faith, and possibility.

The work is not in finding my soul, it is in keeping my connection and living in alignment with what I know is true and real for me.

It isn’t soul searching, it is SOUL LIVING.

There is an ease in allowing things to stay the same, the comfort of our familiar life, those reliable relationships and ways of being. And at the same time, there is a deep discomfort in allowing those things to override the difficult conversations, the uncomfortable decisions, the risk of not know how things will play out.

This past weekend I spent time with an incredible group of humans and we did an exercise identifying our preferences and then letting go of our attachments around them. What it helped me to remember was that when I am attached to an outcome or a way that things are, I am unable to move. I freeze in fear and my mind takes over, trying to figure it all out. When I am able to release my attachment, I am able to have my connection, which gives me the freedom to move with faith and love.  

The only thing to do now is to listen, to stay connected, and to act from the most authentic place within me. That place is pure love. Love without attachment to how things have been or how they will be. Abundant love, enough for everyone and most importantly, for myself.

I know my soul and I suspect you know yours. Consider this your permission to stop searching and start soul living.